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We are Blue Family

We are real specialists in IT technologies. We love our work. We love challenges. We love discovering new ways and shortcuts. We understand the pressure to which our clients are constantly exposed, and we see to the fulfillment of perfect work within the promised deadline, as a matter of our honor status.

All Blue Group

Microsoft partner. Specialist on ERP and IT support.

An innovator applying artificial intelligence solutions not only for retail.

A nearshore partner of Western Microsoft partners.

We grew up in the middle of a retail group

Our joint roots are in Darty Group – a European retail group, whose member was,, for example, the Czech company Datart. The everyday reality of our work gave birth to a strong team with a perfectly developed project management system. We understand the importance of every other second that it takes the cash register to complete the checkout process during Christmas shopping rush. We have executed dozens of projects for companies all over Europe and others keep coming.

Thousands of users

More than 9,000 users work with supported applications every day.

Hundreds of sites

We cover more than 700 locations and establishments of our customers.

Dozens of countries

We provide IT support in 26 countries in English and 24 × 7.

Tens of thousands of controls

We automatically and continuously monitor more than 20,000 parameters.

We take care of our customers

Managed locations

Life in Blue Dynamic

"Within five years, we want to grow up to 150 people - a company large enough to ask for the most prestigious international projects, but at the same time know each other by name and maintain an open, friendly culture."

Karel Pecl

Company owner

"Day after day, we fulfill the strategy we have created together. I'm sure with the people we have on board, we will do everything we have set out to do. My task is to create the best conditions for it. "

Ivan Holko

Managing Director

Our specialists will be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution

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