10 key components of Dynamics 365

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The world of Dynamics 365 - Are you acquainted with all of the features?

Microsoft has developed a complete IT ecosystem in which you have all of the important tools you need to run any kind of business (applications, services, platforms, additional business products. Not just an ERP and CRM, but also a common data model, the Azure platform, the Office suite 365, BI application and last but not least AI. A brief overview is provided in the following image:

Microsoft AppSource Dynamics 365 Blue Dynamic Blue Dynamic

1. Dynamics 365

Microsoft with Dynamics 365 and other products covers all of your business’s needs

Dynamics 365 is the only business information system that has the ERP and CRM agenda all in one. ERP is an application for running the organizational and business processes, while CRM connects all business partners and assists with running a wide range of business activities.

Dynamics 365 is available in two editions:

  • The Small Business edition for smaller companies
  • The Enterprise edition for medium and large organizations.

2. Common Data Model

The Common Date Model functions as a uniform framework for the entire environment. CDM is a common database for all entities (e.g. Customer Orders, Invoices, Customer List, Vendors, Products, etc.) thanks to which users can easily import and use data in all applications in the same format (CRM, ERP, mobile and web applications, etc.)

3. Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps allow users to create new applications in a visual design environment and connect them to the common data model. This simple solution allows users to quickly design applications without knowing how to program. For more complex applications users can use the Microsoft Azure platform.

Microsoft Power Apps Blue Dynamic

4. Microsoft Flow

With Microsoft Flow you can connect different applications and services together, for example, you can use it to send notifications, synchronize files, collect data, store email attachments on SharePoint, etc. Just like in PowerApps, there are a wide range of templates that can be used. Among the applications that are most often connected through Flow are Facebook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, RSS, Yammer and YouTube.

5. Office 365

The number one office suite available as a cloud service. The biggest new feature of the Business Edition Dynamics 365 is the possibility to integrate Outlook with data from the information system. According to the addressee, the system can automatically bring up all documents related to the correspondent such as previous invoices, orders and offers. Thanks to this feature, users can save a lot of time switching between applications.

6. Power BI

The Business Intelligence tool allows users to transform a wide range of business data into straightforward visualizations. Producing reports and interactive analyses along with dashboard overviews can all be done in a matter of minutes. Multiple templates are available to use.

Power BI for you Blue Dynamic

7. Azure IoT Suite

With the Azure IoT Suite you can connect, monitor and analyze previously unused data and integrate it into one business system. It is typically used to predict maintenance or to remotely monitor other systems connected to the network – the Internet of Things. Connecting and monitoring millions of devices in the Azure IoT Suite on any platform – Linux and Windows – is not a problem.

Azure IoT Suite and Machine learning forecast future developments. Online

Azure IoT services in retail Blue Dynamic

8. Appsource and third-party applications

Dynamics 365 allows for the easy connection of applications from Microsoft partners (including Blue Dynamic s.r.o.). These apps can easily be purchased through the Appsource portal, which is the central market place for all Dynamics 365 customers. Applications are classified according to categories and the business field, and all are available in trial mode for testing without payment.

9. Azure Machine Learning

Powerful analyses are part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Full cloud services which allow for the simple creation, deployment and sharing of predictive analytic solutions. Azure ML offers technical machine learning that meets the demands of both ordinary and challenging complex tasks.

Data sets are needed to perform analyses (which can be purchased), though ideally these sets can be obtained from the internet of things and utilize real data, online, directly from the field. Its use is practically unlimited.

10. Microsoft Azure

Lukas Jenista Blue Dynamic

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that includes a wide range of IT services. It is used to create, host and scale web applications through Microsoft’s data centers. Among Azure’s products are SQL databases, data storage, cloud services, back up, Machine Learning, virtualization tools and many others.
Lukaš Jeništa, works as a Consultant in the company Blue Dynamic and has extensive experience with Dynamics AX development.

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