How does artificial intelligence help during the coronavirus period

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Government measures have eased and people are returning to work, shops, offices, simply to public places. However, lowering measures brings many conditions that we must observe. How do you know if employees or customers are following the recommended distance, and are actually wearing the recommended face masks in the work place or in the store? This is where artificial intelligence helps.

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What is artificial intelligence?

Simply said, artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of machines and systems that efficiently perform tasks and make people's jobs easier.

Artificial intelligence methods use advanced data analysis and connect large amounts of data, between which they search for links and connections. Based on the learning process, these complex algorithms generate accurate results, and classify reality.

Thanks to the data analysis, the system can learn almost anything, such as recognizing faces or certain behaviors. Artificial intelligence surrounds us more and more. Karel Pecl helps to understand the term artificial intelligence in our blog article from February. Read more here.

How to use artificial intelligence these days?

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At the time of the coronavirus, when we are slowly returning to work, the eMotion Counter can help us. Thanks to industrial cameras, compliance with preventive measures in connection with the fight against coronavirus can be easily checked and monitored during store operation.

When thermal cameras are connected, artificial intelligence helps to identify sick people, their movement, and contacts within the area.

Supervision of preventive measures

EMotion Counter technology receives data using the RTSP protocol, which is standard for commonly used security cameras.

With the help of the eMotion Counter, we simply ensure compliance with the recommended distance between people in queues, within the operation of the factory or in office buildings.

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Preventive measures

The system can also continuously monitor the number of people, and quickly evaluate the maximum number of people present, for example in a shopping center. If the permitted number of people is reached, the system automatically informs the operator. Employees can be excluded from the census system, so you always have an overview of the actual number of customers in the store.

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Preventive measures

If you want  one-way traffic in the store, walking through alleys in only one direction, the system also monitors the compliance with this rule and immediately informs the operator in the event of a breach.

Artificial intelligence provides an effective tool to ensure compliance with the rule of wearing face masks. Machine learning methods can analyze recordings from security cameras and point out a non-compliance with the regulation of wearing a face mask.

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The analysis of wearing face masks using AI.

Thanks to the eMotion Counter, you can easily track the entry of a person who is out of the age limit. This can be useful when only certain age groups of customers are allowed to enter. Thermal cameras also detect people with a high temperature.

Identification of a sick person and his contacts

By combining security and thermal cameras, artificial intelligence can detect and point out people with a high temperature. Fast and automatic identification of a potentially infected person can effectively help reduce the risk of the coronavirus infection.

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Tracking movement using the eMotion Counter.

In the case of a confirmed infection, the system can track and reproduce the movement of the infected person during store operation. Thanks to the face recognition function, it is possible to accurately identify people who have been in close contact with the infected person. The data is processed from all cameras in the building and archived in the SQL server database.

Where does eMotion Counter help?

The use of artificial intelligence is wide. In today's difficult times, full of restrictions, eMotion Counter can help in shops, car dealerships, shopping malls, also in public administration, hospitals, large companies, hotels and office buildings.

Ensure greater safety for your employees and customers. Reduce the risk of spreading the disease with modern technology. Contact us.

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