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FieldOne tool for creating complex solutions

Recently Microsoft acquired the FieldOne company, which specializes in creating complex solutions for service and logistics operations. This way Microsoft managed to complete its goal and fill a weak spot in standard Dynamics CRM solution in the field of logistics planning and service activities for end users.

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We aim to present you this solution as an interesting option and extension for your Microsoft CRM solution. We will not go into too much detail, it is not the purpose to describe all its features, but only its main purpose and elements it contains.

What is FieldOne and what it brings to you?

FieldOne solution is based on a planning module, allowing workers in terrain read and add information from their mobile devices.

FieldOne is a solution closely linked to Microsoft CRM 2016 that will enable you to effectively plan and track your employees’ work in terrain. The solution is based on a planning module, which can be to a certain extent adjusted according to your processes, then a mobile client allowing workers in terrain to read and add information about current state, potential delay and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field One Solution
The solution is able to perform many more tasks of course. This picture is only an enumeration of the main features.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field One Solution
Example of the map view in mobile client

Example from real world.

You have a company performing repairs and installations of sanitary equipment (water pipes, sewerage, heating) in households and companies. You have dozens of employees making trips to the customers where they perform requested tasks. Each employee can specialize in certain field, FieldOne can handle that as well.

You enter individual workers (sources), work tasks and other details that influence trips planning (approximate times, necessary equipment) into the FieldOne module. Then you enter all customers’ requirements through Microsoft CRM into FieldOne task list and the rest is done by FieldOne planning module that generates optimal routes and timetable for each worker and displays it clearly on the map. I will just add that you can manually modify the plan as you want.

This example is very simplified. For more information and examples I recommend that you go to the most relevant source of information.Fieldone

For whom is FieldOne solution suitable?

FieldOne is suitable for all companies that often have to make trips to their customers and need to effectively plan logistics and thus lower the costs of transport. This solution makes a powerful tool enabling you to effectively manage service trips and also provide your customers with relevant information.

FieldOne is suitable for all companies. This solution makes a powerful tool enabling you to effectively manage service trips

What is necessary for using FieldOne?

What is necessary for using FieldOne?

FieldOne is easily installed and set up by your administrator into your current Microsoft CRM.

The best option how to get access to FieldOne is to have Microsoft CRM Online version. The reason is that a big part of FieldOne runs in Cloud just like Microsoft CRM Online and therefore is accessible through the internet anywhere in the world. In this case you will pay monthly for every user that works with FieldOne, just like you are used to with Microsoft CRM Online.

Unfortunately I have some bad news for On Premise users. Though the solution is available, the demo is only available for Enterprise agreement customers. So far. However I have some information that this issue is going to be changed and the solution will be available to more customers.

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Antonín Vinš, works as a Consultant in the company Blue Dynamic and has extensive experience with Dynamics CRM development.

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