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20. 5. 2020Karel Pecl

CRM 2016 is focused on customer service

Not even a year has passed and here we have a successor to CRM 2015. Maybe you ask yourself, why so early and what will you get by upgrading to CRM 2016. In this article I will try to answer you.

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Novinky v CRM

Aimed at customer service.

The new Microsoft CRM 2016 is the right step for you company. It enables you to target your customers’ needs and stay in contact with them thanks to new features. The new version also makes it easier to plan your resources and saves work to your customer support team.

The biggest change from CRM 2015 is the addition of a new service interface. The whole new service interface looks like a special web application and works on a different URL than CRM itself. The goal is to allow a better separation of the customer support department from sales activities and not to burden the customer support workers with (for them) insignificant information.

Service HUB

Servisni hub Dynamics CRM

Gradual decrease in differences between on-line and on-premise version.

For those of you who do not know the difference between on-line and on-premise version, I will briefly summarize. I remind you that I won´t try to analyse pros and cons.

  • CRM on-line
    • Service offered to customers
    • Does not require servers or infrastructure, everything runs in Cloud
  • CRM on-premise
    • Classical MS CRM version
    • Application runs on your infrastructure and you have complete control over it

Microsoft has heard out its customers and their surprise that the previous CRM on-premise version lacks some interesting features from the on-line version. It is a pity that Microsoft added these features only to the 2016 version and not retrospectively through an update to the 2015 version.

  • Here comes the lists of these features:
    • Improved menu navigation enabling quicker crossing between modules
    • History of the latest opened records
    • Ability to use graphic schemes for your CRM

Improved menu and history (above, next to the search box)

Dynamics CRM menu

Plan your team´s work.

Microsoft, after a recent acquisition of the company Field One, added their key product to Microsoft CRM 2016 which enables you to plan your team´s work in detail.
The goal is to simplify resource and knowledge planning needed for delivering the service.

How does it work?

Imagine you have a team of gardeners in the field outfitted with smart phones. Every team member has specific skills and capacity. One knows how to operate the loan moaner, another trims the bushes.

There is no reason to fear the transition to Microsoft CRM 2016 version. Those of you who are already using CRM 2013 or CRM 2015 will feel like at home and will be pleased by the new improvements and functionalities.

Using CRM you can plan their capacities and tasks and get a feedback and task status from your team in the field through their mobile devices. Yes, I have made it slightly less complicated. FieldOne can do more, of course.

Service calendar

Servisní kalendář Dynamics CRM BlueDynamic

Ask your customers for their opinion and get more information out of them.

Some features, which you may already know from different modules delivered to Microsoft CRM by third parties (e.g. the marketing module Click Dimensions), are gradually showing in the basic version from Microsoft. However, not in such a detailed form, of course.

With CRM 2016 on-line you have the possibility to create questionnaires which will be sent to all your customers. It is basically a way to receive feedback from them.

Here I make a short example:

Your customer ordered goods in your e-shop. The goods were delivered to him and CRM, integrated with logistics, had been informed of this operation. Automatic process sent a prepared questionnaire to your customer where you ask him about his e-shopping satisfaction. After that you can process the received data from the questionnaire using either your workers or an automated process which alerts your contact centre to an unsatisfied customer.

The goals is to get the information from your customers, to know more about their needs and how they feel and use this information for keeping your customers and targeting their needs.

Here I would like to point out that for this example to work you need an Azure licence from Microsoft, where the questionnaires are stored.

In the end of this section I add a link to Click Dimension for those of you who are interested in a more detailed solution

CRM Mobile in off-line version, Outlook and new templates for Excel and Word

CRM 2016 has a new version of its mobile application and if you have CRM on-line (version with min. 30 users or a PRO licence) you can also use the hybrid regime when you don´t have to be on-line all the time (data are synchronized later).

The users of on-line CRM version can also use a new lighten CRM application integrated to different Outlook versions. This can be easily seen on the Office 365 web interface where you can work with your CRM. This is a very useful feature for those of you who are used to using Outlook web interface.

  • Aimed at customer service
  • Planning your teams´ work
  • Set of new tools
  • Easy management

Microsoft also added new templates and their management directly into CRM. This significantly simplifies work with templates and their creation. In my opinion this is a very useful tool which enables you to create templates and groups and share them with others in your well-known Office environment.

Template example in Excel

Dynamics CRM Šablona v Excelu
Antonín Vinš Blue Dynamic

Antonín Vinš, works as a Consultant in the company Blue Dynamic and has extensive experience with Dynamics CRM development.

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