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"Within five years, we want to grow up to 150 people - a company large enough to ask for the most prestigious international projects, but at the same time know each other by name and maintain an open, friendly culture."

Karel Pecl

Company owner

Life in Blue Dynamic

"Everything at Blue Dynamic works on a team basis. We are a group of nice people that help each other. We learn, inspire, support and have fun together. We are proof that it is possible to achieve great results and at the same time look forward to work. "

The Blue Dynamic team

"I spent two and a half years at the airport with a briefcase…..  then I decided to find a company which would allow me to combine my family with my professional life as a consultant, which I enjoy so much. I found it."

Romana Karbusová

D365 Consultant

"Day after day, we fulfill the strategy we have created together. I'm sure with the people we have on board, we will do everything we have set out to do. My task is to create the best conditions for it. "

Ivan Holko

Managing Director

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