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ERP Solution for retail

An advanced ERP solution designed for the needs of retail, wholesale and logistics companies, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our experience.

Your customers are being more informed. They are often decided on a purchase before you can even address them. We will help your sales team find new ways to reach out to customers, build deeper relationships with them and provide them with personalized services every time they are in contact with your company. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), we can help you redesign your sales concept based on a new approach to customers. Your sales team will be able to focus on the right opportunities, acquire orders faster, and increase sales.

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Key features

POS (Point of Sales)

A fully integrated POS system immediately allows access to any product list updates or price changes. Availability of all data and simple control shortens the time needed to provide service to every customer.

An online system connected to the central server can flexibly react to connection loss and successfully operate autonomously.

Supplier chain

Ensuring that you have the right products on the right spot at the right time is a task for an appropriate IT solution. Dynamics 365 (formerly AX) combines sale and purchase processes, logistics and stock management. Apart from that it will improve efficiency, increase productivity and help you make faster and better business decisions.

With our solution you will provide better service to customers and have all supply flow under control.

Warehouse management

If you intend to maximize the warehouse efficiency, lower operating costs and maintain customers’ level of satisfaction, then Advanced Warehouse Management solution contained in Dynamics AX is a way to achieve that and improve performance of the business.

Manage your warehouse in a way to maximize efficiency, maintain low costs and ensure SLA compliance, leading to customers satisfaction.

Financial Management

Use tools contained in Dynamics 365 (formerly AX) and effectively manage your operations. The solution we provide includes: general ledger, cost accounting, cash and banks, investment property, taxes, audit, budgetary modeling and management, liabilities and receivables.

Nowadays you cannot achieve sustainable business success without a modern financial management IT support.

Reporting and BI

A vital part of Dynamics 365 is a high performance and easy to use BI tool. Pre-prepared, field-specified OLAP cubes make the BI launch easier. Tools for access management and reports distribution ensure that people always have the correct information.

You will achieve complete understanding of a situation based on the evaluation of available information, which allows you to make correct decisions and take action.

Ready for changes

Dynamics 365 (formelrfy AX) offers a number of modules and functions, with significantly changeable parameters, that can be adapted to your requirements. If desired, you can utilize open development interface, which brings easy system tuning according to your needs.

Highly modifiable parameters, developer´s interface and a number of prepared functions ensures an acceptable price and short time for making adjustments.

A good foundation for ERP - Blue & Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a good foundation

We provide our customers with an advanced industry ERP solution built on a quality foundation - Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have expanded this foundation with our own functions, accessories and experience, gained through our many years in the field and a number of implemented projects.

Our team of specialists

Dozens of Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists work for us. We are constantly expanding and training our team. A sophisticated system of internal education gives us the certainty that the client will obtain human resources at the required level. From all specialists, we guarantee not only professional qualifications, but also excellent language skills, high work commitment and loyalty to the client.

All in one

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust ERP solution, which combines functions covering all company agendas. Our solution gives you:

  • An integrated POS providing you with all the required functions and data in online or offline mode.
  • The possibility to easily manage your warehouse and continuously monitor its key performance parameters.
  • The ability to manage and easily react on price changes and competitors’ behavior.
  • Tools for building relationships with customers and a possibility to establish loyalty programs.
  • The possibility to integrate individual companies or foreign branches into a single system and an overall review of all your KPI.
  • A comprehensive view of the financial situation of all of your companies and the ability to monitor all key indicators using integrated BI and reporting.

Implementation is just a beginning

We know that implementing a new system or upgrade is just the first step of the journey, where IT is a useful tool supporting your business. Successfully launching the system is as important for us as ensuring its flawless 24x7 operation and development of the software according to latest market trends and customers’ requirements

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