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If you're dealing with implementation of Microsoft products and solutions, we are here to help you. A top quality of outputs and fast delivery is guaranteed.


With our knowledge and experience with integrations of large systems, we can help you build solutions that connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud.


Do your clients need to roll-out to other countries? No problem. We will help you deploy D365 effectively across the CEE region.


To keep things running smoothly, we can maintain and advance the solution on a regular basis. All that together with a short response time and 24/7 service.
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Operation of your clients’ IT without any outages

We operate 24/7.

We can ensure a smooth operation of applications and infrastructure for your clients. We provide infrastructure and application support whether the IT is operated on-premise, in the cloud, or in the hybrid environment.



Application Servers


See what infrastructure projects we can help with

Need help with the clients’ infrastructure architecture? We can help you or consult with you everything from the IT architecture design to its analysis, upgrade, optimization, consolidation, and migration.


Let’s keep things tidy and clear. We can minimize the investments while maintaining the required performance.


We can take care of moving your data and applications to any cloud computing environment. All that with a maximum security.


We will make sure that the performance of your IT infrastructure remains just as trouble-free during peak hours as it is during normal operation.


To make sure your clients' business won't be affected by an outage of IT services, let's cooperate and design a HA solution.
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Use our ready-made solutions for your retail clients

eMotion Counter:
A ready-made solution for your retail clients

This AI-powered software will tell your retail clients everything they need to know about their customers. Thanks to this they can market their products more effectively. The only thing they need to do is to connect it to their cameras.
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Save work and time
with our ready-made Add-ons

We have a library of ready-made solutions when to save you time and costs. The solutions cover the CEE countries legislation, delivery (e.g. DHL interface), and AXAutomator.
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We guarantee a hassle-free and super quick start of the cooperation, so you can deliver what you promised on time.

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We are a certified Microsoft Partner and we only work with the best technologies out there. This enabes us to deliver the work in the highest quality.

Proven experience and reliability

Our extensive experience from numerous projects allows us to work with a maximal efficiency.

They said about us

We chose Blue Dynamic as a strategic outsourcing partner for comprehensive 24x7 infrastructure and application support. Their personal and team engagement means real support for BCC's innovation.

Jan Bloemendaal
Chief Information Officer

We chose Blue Dynamic consultants to implement Dynamics 365 - our previous system was already working under their supervision and they know our environment and needs perfectly. We believe that working with the new system will bring us further streamlining of our internal processes.

Aleš Snížek
IT Project Manager

„We always strive for the best individual approach to our clients, which is why we were looking for a system supplier that would have similar priorities. Blue Dynamic met our expectations, tailoring the entire system directly to our need. The team consisted of true professionals who understand their craft.

For us, CRM was the next step to happier clients and better organization within the company. We are glad we could put our trust in the hands of this company as they did everything as promised.”

Jan Chodora
Sales Director CZ/SK

Few suppliers offer the combination of industry knowledge, experience and quality 24/7 support. With the help of Blue Dynamic, we have seen a real reduction in our ICT costs while improving our ICT processes.

Nicola Campio

We chose Blue Dynamic to help us implement Dynamics AX in our newly created business unit in the Czech Republic. From day one, the entire team handled our requirements with a high level of professionalism and always provided a quick resolution to our requests and issues. After almost five months of working together, we are confident that we made the best choice!

Ivan Fernandez
IT Manager

We were looking for a partner who had proven experience with roll-out in Central and Eastern Europe and would help us guarantee compliance with legislative obligations. We got a partner who knew exactly what needed to be done and had an effective solution to all our requirements and needs. At the same time, they were able to get along with our current supplier better than we could. The results of the collaboration confirm that Blue Dynamic was a great choice.

Robin Hickson
Manager of Global ERP Systems and Integration

We were pleasantly surprised by the speed, stability and scope of the entire ERP system. What we appreciated the most was the rocket speed of its implementation. As a bonus, the positive attitude of the Blue Dynamic team brought a pleasant atmosphere to the cooperation.

Ing. Pavel Čmelík
Executive Director

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