Implementation and support of IT infrastructure for Darty


Darty operates more than 70 electronics stores in Italy, Turkey and Spain. Darty Spain operates within the Spanish electronics market and has offered its services to customers in its 72 stores and e-shop with an annual turnover of € 134 million.

Realized goals

Implementation of Dynamics AX - Implementation of a group standard after the acquisition of a competing company.

  • Requirements collection, gap analysis, customization and development, data migration, testing, training, infrastructure design, HW dimensioning and installation, performance tuning, project management.
  • Technology: MS Dynamics AX, MS SQL, MS Windows Server

Implementation of a newer version of Dynamics AX - Replacement of an ERP version; parameters of the older version did not meet the needs of the company.

  • Upgrade Dynamics AX 3.0 including technical analysis. Performance testing and optimization, infrastructure upgrade. Code upgrade, data archiving, data migration and application testing.
  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics AX, MS SQL, MS Windows Server, VMware, jBoss

Dynamics AX support – Cost reduction of system operation and development. Sharing the development of systems within individual countries.

  • Takeover of continuous development and the Dynamics AX system from the original supplier, takeover of IT operations in the form of outsourcing of ICT services. Collection, analysis and implementation of customer requirements for ERP development. Ensuring trouble-free operation of critical systems.
  • Technology: Dynamics AX, MS SQL, MS Windows Server, VMware, jBoss

Preparation of infrastructure and applications for peak periods - Ensuring continuous run of operations and 100% availability of critical applications during periods with four times the task amount.

  • Code, query, and batch optimization in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Systems consolidation and infrastructure optimization. Tuning database performance and improving application responsiveness. Improve the response of business-critical forms and activities.
  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft AD, Microsoft SQL, VMWare, DELL

Support for critical applications - Takeover of support and ensure a continuous run of the infrastructure and ERP of the Darty Group - Darty Spain, Darty Turkey, Darty Italy.

  • Proactive monitoring and 24 × 7 support of the infrastructure and applications with 99.96% availability on all critical systems and applications, including ERP.
  • Technology: IBM servers, SAN / NAS HP and IBM, VMWare, JBoss, MS Dynamics AX, Windows Server, MS SQL, Sharepoint

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