6 Services helping your Retail

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Getting IT systems ready for Christmas

We know that Christmas in retail IT is a tough job and succeeding is extremely important for the whole company. We grew up in retail too.


  1. Does it take too much time to identify and resolve issues or black-outs?
  2. Do you not sleep well during Christmas?
  3. Are you always in doubts if your system will survive the peaks?

We will run IT audit, tune up your systems and databases and help you to find the right solutions.

Solution: Infrastructure audit, Performance tuning

    Early prediction and warning

    We understand how important it is to predict black-outs in retail. We have developed own monitoring tool which allows you to predict any problems before they even happen.


    1. Are you in danger of unexpected system downtimes?
    2. Do you want to eliminate financial losses caused by system errors?

    We will analyze your IT system and implement Monitoring Tool.

    Solution: Monitoring tool

      Effective operation

      We help you to release your hands and focus your capacity on business growth, meanwhile we take care of your daily routine operations.


      1. Do you struggle to find sufficient IT capacity?
      2. Are your wasting time on „keep running“ jobs instead of developing your business?

      Delegate your routine IT jobs to our specialists and focus on your business growth instead.

      Solution: Managed services

        IT support at nights or weekends

        We have been in retail business for over 14 years and we know how important it is to keep everything running 24/7 non-stop.


        1. Are tickets pilling up in your IT office?
        2. Is your current supplier of 24/7 too expensive?

        Our helpdesk is here for you non-stop all year round. You will just have 1 phone number for all IT issues.

        Solution: 24/7

          Business innovations support

          We help our customers to set the direction of their IT and manage projects that will drive them forward.


          1. Are you stressed out due to aging IT systems and applications?
          2. Do you worry to miss the technology evolution?

          We analyze your IT system and suggest a plan for the most important steps to stay ahead of your competition.

          Solution: Infrastructure projects

            Key systems AX or D365 under control

            ERP is in our veins. We have executed implementation of AX for 8 countries simultaneously and provided thousands of hours consulting Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365.


            1. Are you fighting with Axapta settings?
            2. Would you like to know how to implement functionality into D365 which is not in the basic settings?

            Our specialists will help you to set up the AX system as well as keep it running, or develop whatever you may need for your business.

            Solution: Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Maintenance

              Zajímavá čísla

              transakcí a 500+ reportů denně zpracovávají zákazníci Blue Dynamic.

              primárních poboček regionálních a globálních zákazníků v 16 zemích světa jsme implementovali.

              ERP implementací

              zaměstnanců pracuje s Dynamics 365 v 70+ zemích světa.

              globálního trhu s ERP používá Dynamics 365.

              společností používá Dynamics 365.

              Náš specialista se vám bude rád věnovat