Digitalization of service - the first step of the digital transformation of Družstevní závody Dražice

digitalization of service
Published: 10. 11. 2023
DZ Dražice chose Blue Dynamic as a strategic partner for digital transformation. We are starting our cooperation and beginning with a service digitalization project. What solution did we choose and why?

Digitalization of service - DZ Dražice chose Blue Dynamic as strategic partner for digital transformation. We're starting to work together and we are starting with a service digitization project. The client was particularly interested in our business focus and competence. What solution did we choose and why? And what did we digitize at DZ Dražice next?

You probably all know the boilers from Dražice. Družstevní závody Dražice is a Czech companywhich has been synonymous with quality for decades. With the aim of producing economical and trouble-free water heaters, it has brought more than 380 types and modifications to the market. In addition, it offers service throughout the country and Slovakia. 

And because it is a successful company that wants to deliver not only a great product but also superior service to its customers, it is constantly looking for opportunities to improve. It wants to optimise, streamline, automate - and that requires a fine-tuned IT solution. For example, from Blue Dynamic.

Priority was given to the digitisation of service

DZ Dražice searched in the first phase suppliers for digital service solutions. As the number of products sold grows significantly, the demand for service and quality customer care also grows logically. Therefore, DZ Dražice needed a tool that streamline service order management and support service partners.

"In our industry, there are quality service key to customer satisfaction. It is not enough to have a product. The customer is interested in how we take care of him. By operating throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we needed to modernize our IT systems so that simplified and streamlined company processes. We decided to start by looking for a solution for the digitalisation of the service," says Pavel Balog, CFO of the company.

"The decisive factor for us was the supplier's business focus and its competence in the field."

Blue Dynamic became the partner for the implementation of the service digitalization project, as well as other related projects. Pavel Balog says: "DZ Dražice is currently undergoing strategic changes, which include the renewal of IT systems. We chose Blue Dynamic as a strategic partner for the digital transformation. The decisive factor for us was business focus, transparent approach and competence in the field. They are people who first and foremost try to understand the key business needs and then choose the right IT solution for them, and we are comfortable with that."

Given the needs of our customer, we at Blue Dynamic were clear about what we would offer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field and Customer Service are the right solution for such a mission. It's an advanced platform designed just for improving and optimising the management and operation of field service and technicians (not only) on the road. For the needs of DZ Dražice, both systems are the perfect solution.

Why did we choose Dynamics 365 Field and Customer Service for DZ Dražice to digitalize customer service?

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service and Customer Service enable plan and coordinate tasks and dispatching services so as to maximize the efficiency of the service team. This reduces the time required to complete tasks and increases productivity.
  • Allows you to plan and monitor service interventions based on various factors such as are the allocation of technicians or the availability of spare parts, and also based on the priority of tasks.
  • Uses data analysis to identify potential problems and performs preventive maintenance.
  • MS Dynamics 365 Field Service enables track service history and communication with clientswhich helps to build better relationships and provide credible and transparent support.
  • Service technicians can use mobile appgiving them access to relevant information, plans and service history on the go.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem and can be easily integrated with other applications, for example CRM, ERP and Microsoft 365.

We are working on three projects in total

It was the choice of Microsoft solutions that proved to be extremely useful. Why? We can simply build on the already built core with other projects and further extend the agendas according to the customer's needs. Thus, we can follow up the service digitization project with management reporting together with the B2B portal - two other projects that are currently underway.

In addition to solutions for the service department currently in DZ Dražice we are also working on new offer portal for internal business and external partners. The existing corporate solution is already outdated and does not provide the necessary functionality and data for evaluating sales and marketing activities.

In parallel with the above-mentioned projects, we are also implementing a new data warehouse and management reporting. The existing instrument is technologically backward. That is why we want to address this area and prepare the right solution for DZ Dražice tailored to their needs.

We believe that we will meet the customer's expectations and become the DZ Dražice a strategic partner in their journey towards complete digital transformation. Despite three ongoing projects, we believe we are just at the beginning and look forward to our journey together through the digital world.

Do you also want to fine-tune service order management in your company? Or do you have another important business topic?? We will be happy to help you find the right IT solution.

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