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Artificial Intelligence tells you everything about your customers

Simply connect the eMotion Counter to your cameras

Gender: Female
Mood: Happy
Age 20-30

Gender: Female
Mood: Neutral
Age 30-40

Gender: Female
Mood: Angry
Age 10-20

Gender: Male
Mood: Happy
Age 40-50

Gender: Male
Mood: Neutral
Age 10-20

Gender: Female
Mood: Sad
Age 30-40

Gender: Male
Mood: Happy
Age 30-40

Do you know your customer?

How do they behave?

How many people come to your store every day and how many just pass by? How often do customers visit your store? And how many of them come back again and again?

How do they experience their visit?

What is the mood your customers are in? How emotional is their reaction to the product, service, design of the branch or campaign?

What are all the things you know about them?

Do you know how many men and women purchase at your store, including their age group? And do you also follow other interesting data?

Who is the VIP here?

Do you know when an important customer of yours enters your store? Do you know how to personalize your offer or service based on the data you had on them before?

How and using what tools should you approach them?

Do you analyze the number of visits and follow the relevant data to target your marketing campaigns and choose the right POS components?

What are they interested in?

Do you measure and evaluate which of the products on display your customer is interested in and how much time they spend with each of them?

Smarter and smarter

Through CCTV cameras in your store and artificial intelligence, eMotion Counter keeps on analyzing the number of visits, collecting various data for further use.

Repeated visit

This customer is visiting your store for the second time today, and according to their behavior, they will soon be ready to purchase at your store.

The product has caught the attention of 80% of women.

Thanks to the ability of recognizing emotions and measuring the intensity of interest, you will evaluate better which of your products you can sell successfully.

Friday afternoon:
72% of the passers-by are men

So, in this period, you will adapt to those who actually visit your stores.

456 people daily

Today you had 456 people in your store, out of who 412 were unique visitors and entered your store just once. The statistics don´t include the employees themselves as eMotion Counter has filtered them out.

Address Eva with an advertising message tailored to her needs, inviting her again to your store.

Offer her just what she is interested in and also help Eva with the purchase of the product itself.

Include Eva in your own lists and observe the behavior of your target groups. Get inspired and keep on improving.

And don´t forget to offer some coffee to Eva, since she is your VIP customer.


Your customer. She is visiting your store for the second time today, she is in a good mood, and she browses the same products again. The right time to send to her the staff ready to help her, don´t you think?

28 years old
Third visit in week
VIP customer

Artificial Intelligence

Start using the most up-to-date technologies in your business. eMotion Counter makes use of artificial intelligence by Microsoft, recognizing faces based on the use of regular camera systems.

Machine Learning

Every time smarter and better! Thanks to the continual transactions, the sophisticated system keeps on learning and improving its output to predict better both the structure and behavior of your customers, providing data for practical use.

Microsoft Azure

eMotion Counter is based on a stable service which is immediately available from anywhere, enabling to use the pay-as-you-go system.

The eMotion solution is in full compliance with GDPR regulations

The system doesn‘t allow direct or indirect identification of a specific person. Information obtained on the basis of the software is completely anonymous and serves primarily for statistical purposes.

System doesn‘t proces „biometrical data'' as defined by GDPR. Although the software is working with camera recordings, it doesn‘t use them to confirm identification with specific technical processing of physical or physiological characteristics or behavioral signs of the person.

Data that will bring you profit

More targeted marketing

Thanks to the information you obtain, you will manage to communicate in a more targeted and suitable way, evaluating the newly gained output for further improvement.

More satisfied customers

The data you obtain will enable to fulfill your customers´wishes better, adapting yourself to their needs. You will be rewarded with their loyalty.

Closer to your customers

You will transform the statistics on the number of visits into processes, thanks to which the image of your store will improve.

Tuned store

The analytic data on the customers´ emotions of your store will help you to optimize its form and equipment.

Sample tracking

How the live tracking looks? We installed the eMotion Counter in our Prague office to show you possible outputs from the system.

Robust technology

Using the potential of CCTV systems

eMotion Counter receives picture data using the RTSP protocol. This protocol is the industrial standard for the cameras used for security purposes. If you own an IP camera connected to a data network, you don´t need to install anything more in the store.

MS Cognitive Services

The camera pictures are processed in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft Cognitive Services. There the faces are analyzed using the methods of machine learning. These are developed in time to obtain more precise results.

Information instead of picture data

eMotion Counter is based on a SQL Server database where data from all the cameras in all stores is saved. Using analytical tools, you can obtain valuable information on customers´ behavior. Much of the output has already been prepared for the Power BI Desktop.

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