Connect your applications into a single functional unit with Azure Integration Services

We connect different systems and applications with an expert partner who has a lot of experience with integrations. Application Integration brings challenges including fdata ormates, protocols, compatibility with other systems and ensuring data security. Using Azure Integration Services we can address these challenges and achieve seamless integration of our applications and systems.

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Duplicate work

Errors occur when manually transferring data

Asynchronous data

Loss of competitiveness

Limited flexibility

Limited development

We can help you improve

efficiency and productivity

your business with Azure

Integration Services

  • We improve the efficiency and productivity of your processes
  • We will improve access to data
  • We help to improve the customer experience

We improve the efficiency and productivity of your processes

By automating manual tasks, this leads to fewer errors and faster processes. By integrating applications, we also enable you to reduce labour costs and improve data accuracy, so your bottom line grows and your business grows. We'll also enable you to respond faster to changes in business requirements and improve collaboration between different departments.

We will improve access to data

We automate and centralize the management of your infrastructure, increase the speed of implementation of new applications and functionalities, provide the ability to use cloud services to address specific IT needs, and improve business agility and flexibility

We help to improve the customer experience

We give you access to modern security tools and technologies. We will offer the ability to monitor data access control, backup and restore data in the event of an outage or disaster. You will meet strict security standards and regulations.

More efficient performance and process productivity

We automate processes

  • Through application integration, we enable you to automate many manual tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity of your workforce. To give you an idea - if you use separate systems for order management and invoicing, integrating these systems will allow invoices to be generated automatically, without the need to manually create invoices from orders.

We will reduce errors

  • We help you minimize human error in the process because data is automatically shared between applications and systems. For example, when there is duplication of data such as customer names and addresses, application integration allows a business to have one central repository for this information, reducing the risk of data errors.

Accelerated business processes

  • With application integration, we enable faster data flow between applications, resulting in faster processes and improved responsiveness to customer requests. If you use a separate system for order management and production, integrating these systems will allow orders to be automatically transferred to the production system, speeding up the process and reducing the time it takes to produce a product.

We can help you reduce costs

  • We minimize the amount of manual work and reduce labour costs. Specifically, if you have to manually transfer data between two separate systems, integrating these systems will reduce the number of workers needed for these tasks and reduce labor costs, and will also reduce the time required to perform these tasks.

Better access to data

We will improve access to data

  • Better decision-making processes dWith integrated applications, we allow you to access relevant data from all applications and systems, enabling better and faster decision making.
  • We will ensure the accuracy of the data. PBy connecting applications and different sources, we ensure consistent data across the organization, which increases data accuracy and reduces the risk of errors in data sources.
  • We will increase productivity. DWith better access to data from multiple sources, your employees can work faster and more efficiently, leading to greater productivity and effectiveness throughout your organisation.

Better customer experience

We help to improve the customer experience

  • We personalise services and atwe can give you a comprehensive view of the customer and their interactions with the company, giving you the opportunity to personalise services and improve the customer experience.
  • We will reduce processing times. With application integration, we ensure that you can process customer requests and requests faster and more efficiently, reducing processing time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • We optimize and makeand ensure easier and faster data backup and recovery in the event of an outage or disaster. By combining on-premise and cloud solutions, your data can be backed up in both environments and protected against the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • We will improve feedback and pWe give you the ability to collect and analyse comprehensive customer feedback, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimise the customer experience.
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You can rely on Blue Dynamic

Dozens country

Customers operating in 26 countries use our solutions and services.

Hundreds of customers

We have helped hundreds of customers improve their processes and IT operations.

Thousands of users

Thousands of users rely on us for their daily work.

Millions of hours

We have worked millions of hours to create solutions for our customers.


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  • Strategic thinking
  • Finding business benefits
  • The best technical solution
  • Professional delivery
  • Open communication
  • Designing well thought-out and long-term functional solutions
  • Orientation to business needs and full understanding of them
  • Choosing the best solution thanks to technological know-how
  • Timely delivery within budget and agreed scope
  • Proactive and open communication

Blue Dynamic is a partner you can rely on

In our industry, quality service is key to customer satisfaction. It's not enough to just have a product. The customer cares about how we take care of them. By operating throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we needed to modernize our IT systems to make our business processes simpler and more streamlined. We decided to start by looking for a solution to digitalize the service. We chose Blue Dynamic as our strategic partner for digital transformation. The decisive factors for us were business focus, transparency and competence in the field. They are people who first and foremost seek to understand the key business needs and then select the appropriate IT solution for them, and this suits us.

Pavel Balog

Case study

First of all, we would like to thank Blue Dynamic very much for their professional approach in all aspects of cooperation. We are fully aware that our overall requirements for the CRM system were not standard and an individual approach was directly required. At this point, I do not regret a single step with choosing a company that provided us with full comfort in the solution, individual approach and service. Not only am I satisfied with the company, but I can say straight away that I look forward to further future cooperation.

Ladislav Zimovjan
Sales Director

Case study

We chose Blue Dynamic as a strategic outsourcing partner for comprehensive 24x7 infrastructure and application support. The personal and team commitment of their team means real support for BCC innovation.

Jan Bloemendaal
Chief Information Officer

We chose Blue Dynamic to help us implement Dynamics AX in our newly created business unit in the Czech Republic. From day one, the entire team handled our requirements with a high level of professionalism and always provided a quick resolution to our requests and issues. After almost five months of working together, we are confident that we made the best choice!

Ivan Fernandez
IT Manager

We were looking for a partner who had proven experience with roll-out in Central and Eastern Europe and would help us guarantee compliance with legislative obligations. We got a partner who knew exactly what needed to be done and had an effective solution to all our requirements and needs. At the same time, he was able to get along with our current supplier better than we could. The results of the collaboration confirm that Blue Dynamic was a great choice.

Robin Hickson
Manager of Global ERP Systems and Integration

We chose Blue Dynamic consultants to implement Dynamics 365 - our previous system was already working under their supervision and they know our environment and needs perfectly. We believe that working with the new system will bring us further streamlining of our internal processes.

Ales Snizek
IT Project Manager

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Few suppliers offer the combination of industry knowledge, experience and quality 24/7 support. With Blue Dynamic's help, we have seen a real reduction in ICT costs while improving our ICT processes.

Nicola Campio

We were pleasantly surprised by the speed, stability and scope of the entire ERP system. But what we appreciated the most was the rocket speed of its implementation. As a bonus, the positive attitude of the Blue Dynamic team brought a pleasant atmosphere to the cooperation.

Ing. Pavel Čmelík
Managing Director of Inexad

We always strive for the best individual approach to our clients, so we were looking for a system supplier that would have similar priorities. Blue Dynamic met our expectations, tailoring the entire system directly to our need. The team consisted of true professionals who understand their craft. For us, CRM was the next step to happier clients and better organization within the company. We are glad we could put our trust in the hands of this company as they did everything as promised.

Jan Chodora
Sales Director CZ/SK

Need to know more? Contact us!

Štěpáín Kněžek Blue Dynamic

Štěpán Kněžek

Sales Manager
+420 607 032 908


eGor KoValev

Account Manager
+420 720 953 784

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