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Combine the power of modern digital tools with the expertise of an experienced partner. Implementation of Dynamics 365 may not always be easy due to complex functionality, challenging integration, difficult data migration and forced changes in business processes.

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  • Finance and company management
  • Production and supply chain
  • Sales and customer care

We enable you to manage your company effectively

With Dynamics 365, we can automate and modernize your finance and accounting operations to support your company's growth.

Optimising the production and supply chain

With Dynamics 365, we can transform your supply chain across planning, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation.

You get a tool for sales management and customer care

With a comprehensive omnichannel solution, we enable you to build customer loyalty, increase merchant and marketing effectiveness.

Finance and company management

We enable you to make strategic financial decisions with the help of AI

  • We ensure the healthy operation of your business and improve financial control. By optimising your cashflow, you'll be able to make strategic decisions faster and achieve growth for your business. Our unified financial management solutions, up-to-date data and integrated analytics help you focus on the key areas of your business.
  • We accelerate closings and enable you to manage your international finances with sophisticated reporting, financial reporting and integrated analytics available in real time. Our solution supports multiple legal entities and currencies in a single system and shortens monthly closing processes.
  • Thanks recommendations from artificial intelligence we can help you increase profits and improve cash flow.

We help you reduce operating costs

  • We will enable you to automate financial processes, budgetary control, financial planning and analysis. You'll be able to run your business more efficiently even when you manage operations in multiple countries. 

We automate and unify your financial processes

  • We enable users to make quick and accurate decisions by visualizing key business metrics and transaction information. By automating and prioritizing tasks, we'll help reduce error rates and shorten the duration of tasks.
  • With integrated Office 365 apps, you'll be able to more easily edit your business documents as your requirements change using Office 365 templates. We will introduce you to the benefits of a subscription licensing system and its financial flexibility.

We simplify your financial and risk management

  • With our Dynamics 365 solution, you'll have an overview of current financial regulations and standard procedures for managing financial operations in different countries around the world. This will ensure that your business meets all legal requirements and standards. The system is designed to easily adapt to the changing requirements and needs of your business. You will be able to use financial solutions in 37 countries, speaking 42 languages, allowing you to expand your business into new areas with minimal risk and maximum success.
  • In addition, our solution will give you better control over your financial operations, improve your financial management and reduce the risk of errors in financial management. All in all, you can rely on flawless financial management that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Production and supply chain

Modernising warehouse management

  • We can help you optimise your processes and utilise your equipment and staff. You'll be able to easily manage your resources - from manpower to machines and tools. We enable you to apply the most suitable production processes and solve all your needs with one system.
  • With Dynamics 365, we can help you plan your production in real time to reduce lead times. We speed up product delivery by automating the flow of information and materials.

Optimising operational performance

  • You'll be able to make proactive decisions in real time with respect to your current production and inventory. We enable you to manage your shop floor operations and equipment to improve uptime, throughput and production quality.
  • Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and mixed reality, we empower you to anticipate and proactively solve problems and drive efficiencies in your assets, processes and workforce. With predictive maintenance, you will prevent costly downtime of critical equipment.

Optimisation of warehouse operations

  • We will give you a complete overview of your warehouse operations and stock items, allowing you to manage and organise your warehouse and the movement of goods in real time and efficiently. From simple warehouses to distribution centres, we can help you automate warehouse management and optimise its use. We will use machine learning features to achieve greater warehouse efficiency.
  • You'll be able to monitor your warehouse performance information with advanced analytics online. We'll give you visibility of your warehouse items from receipt to shipment. We make it easier for you to complete your daily tasks.

We automate and streamline the supply chain

  • We can help you get a comprehensive overview of the delivery process across locations and time zones. Benefit from the integration of sales and purchasing information with logistics, production, warehouse and transport.
  • We'll give you the tools to streamline your ordering processes and contract management, so you can better manage your delivery process and supplier relationships. You'll be able to optimise capacity and reduce costs by linking logistics across sites, sites and warehouses.

Sales and customer care

Provide a tool for building brand loyalty

  • We give you the ability to provide your customers with a unique shopping experience by connecting your e-commerce, stores and back office in one solution. We will help you exceed customer expectations and offer exceptional services, such as a personalized selection of products and services.
  • We will enable you to offer your customers every convenience when shopping - you can pick up your goods at any branch or have them delivered directly to your home. Thanks to our solution, you will be able to act as one company, whether the customer contacts your company via the Internet, call center or by visiting a store.
  • We help you build loyalty and manage loyalty programs, wish lists, gift cards and promotional coupons across all channels.

We will simplify the operation of shops

  • We enable you to easily manage employees, goods and finances in one application, based on high-quality reports. We make it easy for users to work with the system with role-specific views.
  • We will speed up operations with automated and optimised workflows and enable employees to make quick decisions with online data. We will improve cooperation between departments by connecting all employees and their activities.

We enable you to strategically plan and sell

  • We help you maximise profitability by offering the right products at the right time and at the right price. We offer you the possibility to centrally monitor information about products, range and prices.
  • With the D365, you will always be in control of your supply chain - you will always choose the most advantageous supplier and buy at the best prices. We help you to supply your stores and warehouses efficiently with real-time demand monitoring. 
  • We enable you to effectively promote sales using all available channels. You will be able to use sales and cost information to implement marketing campaigns.

We can help you optimise your supply chain

  • With advanced analytics and machine learning, we enable you to make better decisions about the supply of your stores and central warehouses, reducing logistics costs.
  • We can help you improve your inventory management with real-time data. With up-to-date information, you can accurately forecast demand to maximize sales and profitability.
  • We can predict customer demand and identify increases in product availability with information based on historical purchase and sales data.

We will create an intelligent omni-channel 

  • We connect online and offline channels, allowing customers to shop anytime, anywhere, from any device. You'll be able to offer a choice of modern payment methods, collect information for product delivery and simplify operations using the cloud.
  • We'll offer you a comprehensive view of your customer and empower your employees to develop lasting relationships through referrals, insights and loyalty programs.
  • We enable you to leverage a scalable, reliable and secure solution for your business activities. We will deliver in stages in the form of configurable and extensible platforms and simplify the implementation process.

We will provide the opportunity to run your online store

  • We will streamline your business with a comprehensive business solution that is tailored to your needs and includes both traditional and emerging channels.
  • Using web development tools, we enable you to create engaging and intelligent digital stores. With a connected marketing and commerce platform, we ensure seamless management of content, activities, promotions, merchandise and pricing across channels.

Implementing Dynamics 365 must be a thoughtful process

Digital Transformation
we see it as a project

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  • #02 Management
  • #03 Stages
  • #04 Outputs
  • #05 Acceptance
Ladislav Zimovjan
Sales Director / Malina Group

First of all, we would like to thank Blue Dynamic very much for their professional approach in all aspects of cooperation. We are fully aware that our overall requirements for the CRM system were not standard and an individual approach was directly required. At this point, I do not regret a single step with choosing a company that provided us with full comfort in the solution, individual approach and service. Not only am I satisfied with the company, but I can say straight away that I look forward to further future cooperation.

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We have helped hundreds of customers improve their processes and IT operations.

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Thousands of users rely on us for their daily work.

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We have worked millions of hours to create solutions for our customers.


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  • Timely delivery within budget and agreed scope
  • Proactive and open communication

Blue Dynamic is a partner you can rely on

First of all, we would like to thank Blue Dynamic very much for their professional approach in all aspects of cooperation. We are fully aware that our overall requirements for the CRM system were not standard and an individual approach was directly required. At this point, I do not regret a single step with choosing a company that provided us with full comfort in the solution, individual approach and service. Not only am I satisfied with the company, but I can say straight away that I look forward to further future cooperation.

Ladislav Zimovjan
Sales Director

Case study

We chose Blue Dynamic as a strategic outsourcing partner for comprehensive 24x7 infrastructure and application support. The personal and team commitment of their team means real support for BCC innovation.

Jan Bloemendaal
Chief Information Officer

We chose Blue Dynamic to help us implement Dynamics AX in our newly created business unit in the Czech Republic. From day one, the entire team handled our requirements with a high level of professionalism and always provided a quick resolution to our requests and issues. After almost five months of working together, we are confident that we made the best choice!

Ivan Fernandez
IT Manager

We were looking for a partner who had proven experience with roll-out in Central and Eastern Europe and would help us guarantee compliance with legislative obligations. We got a partner who knew exactly what needed to be done and had an effective solution to all our requirements and needs. At the same time, he was able to get along with our current supplier better than we could. The results of the collaboration confirm that Blue Dynamic was a great choice.

Robin Hickson
Manager of Global ERP Systems and Integration

We chose Blue Dynamic consultants to implement Dynamics 365 - our previous system was already working under their supervision and they know our environment and needs perfectly. We believe that working with the new system will bring us further streamlining of our internal processes.

Ales Snizek
IT Project Manager

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Few suppliers offer the combination of industry knowledge, experience and quality 24/7 support. With Blue Dynamic's help, we have seen a real reduction in ICT costs while improving our ICT processes.

Nicola Campio

We were pleasantly surprised by the speed, stability and scope of the entire ERP system. But what we appreciated the most was the rocket speed of its implementation. As a bonus, the positive attitude of the Blue Dynamic team brought a pleasant atmosphere to the cooperation.

Ing. Pavel Čmelík
Managing Director of Inexad

We always strive for the best individual approach to our clients, so we were looking for a system supplier that would have similar priorities. Blue Dynamic met our expectations, tailoring the entire system directly to our need. The team consisted of true professionals who understand their craft. For us, CRM was the next step to happier clients and better organization within the company. We are glad we could put our trust in the hands of this company as they did everything as promised.

Jan Chodora
Sales Director CZ/SK

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Account Manager
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