The world's best toy store Hamleys is ready for further expansion

Published: 20. 5. 2020
Blue Dynamic, a Czech provider of complex solutions and services in the field of information technology, expands its services for the Dutch chain BCC.

Smooth and secure operation of large-scale IT infrastructure and applications

The rapid implementation of Dynamic AX for retail company Inexad, which operates the world's leading toy store chain Hamleys, enables expansion into other markets. A huge increase in the number of customers expected to ERP (enterprise resource planning) from Blue Dynamic can handle it with ease. Such a complex system and the speed of its implementation is a unique mastery of implementation processes.

The successful opening and smooth operation of the system from the first second of its launch show that the project objectives have been met.

"The biggest challenge of the project was the speed with which the implementation had to be carried out and the need for the system to handle flawlessly the huge volumes of sales transactions triggered by Hamleys' massive PR campaign from the first moment of launch," said Karel Pecl, Managing Director of Blue Dynamic, adding: "The successful opening and smooth operation of the system from the first second of its launch show that the project's goals have been met."

Due to expected high customer demand and further planned expansion, Inexad needed a robust, comprehensive system with sufficient performance and fast response times. "

At the same time - given the ambitious business plan - the system had to be implemented in an extremely short time. The right solution proved to be ERP implementation Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. Thanks to a set of pre-built features that Microsoft Dynamics AX contains and thanks to the experience of the implementation team it was possible to manage a demanding project in a short time.

The right solution for Inexad was to implement ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

Inexad has other unique brands in its portfolio such as Barker and T M Lewin. Due to the robustness of the implemented Dynamic AX, it can be expected that the system will be expanded and the cooperation between Inexad and Blue Dynamic will be extended.

Currently, Inexad has signed a contract with Blue Dynamic to support and provide monitoring. Monitoring is a service package with proactive infrastructure monitoring using special tools and three levels of support (from service desk to technical support to architect services)

About Blue Dynamic, s.r.o.

Company Blue Dynamic provides comprehensive information technology solutions and services to companies in 14 European countries. A team of 40 specialists focuses on erp implementation and enterprise system support Microsoft Dynamics AX in the retail, wholesale and logistics sectors, as well as the management of critical applications and systems, together with continuous monitoring and monitoring of processes and systems. His clients include BCC, MS Mode, Datart and the European retail chain Darty.

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