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Instant monitoring

Monitors, predicts, and prevents system failures.

What is Instant Monitoring

An effective tool for monitoring infrastructure, systems and applications.

Solutions for monitoring IT systems.
Contains a comprehensive set of agents.
Ready for immediate deployment

A complex solution that enables central monitoring of distributed systems and provides a quick overview of the state of IT using an aggregated dashboard, as well as the complete detail needed to solve the problem. Thanks to ready-made templates and ready-made agents, it brings a simple and fast process of implementation and immediate benefits.

What will Instant Monitoring give you


Full control over the whole infrastructure and all applications using a single solution.


Reduce solution time thanks to warning and analysis of system failure causes.


High utility value at low acquisition and operation costs.

Full control over the entire IT

 from hardware to applications with a single solution.


All components

Covering the entire IT

One solution capable of tracking and monitoring IT in all components from hardware to business processes.

  • Hardware
  • Networks
  • Operating system
  • Virtualization layers
  • Applications and services
  • Business processes


System independent

One solution that provides oversight of a heterogeneous infrastructure containing different systems and standards.

  • Various OS
  • Various databases
  • Application servers
  • Various HW manufacturers


Inside and outside of the cloud

One solution working with IT containing systems and applications operated in the cloud and on-premise.

  • Cloud
  • On-premise
  • Hybrid environment

Reducing incident resolution time

thanks to the system of warning and analysis of the failure cause.


Status visualization

Clear dashboards

Clear and logically arranged dashboards provide an immediate and accurate overview of the IT systems and applications status.

  • Current status
  • Quick overview
  • Trendy
  • History

Status agregation

Composing into units

Hierarchical arrangement of checks and states enables quick identification of consequences of a failure as well as finding the cause.

  • Hierarchy
  • Cumulation into logical units
  • Definition of causes and consequences
  • M: N bonds
  • Drill down


Warning and escalation

The notification mechanism ensures that solvers are informed in a timely manner. Escalation then allows to react quickly to the anomalies.

  • Alerts
  • Multichannel communication
  • Escalation rules
  • "Magic" outage prediction

High utility value at low acquisition and operation costs.


Finished solution

Ready to use

Thousands of ready-made community-created checks and easy-to-implement templates make the solution a quickly deployed package.

  • Ready-made checks available
  • Community of creators
  • Templates

Easy to expand

Fast scalability

Development according to customer needs is a simple matter thanks to the simple structure, support of any language and automatic distribution.

  • simple check structure
  • Any program, language
  • Easy distribution
  • Scripting
  • Automatic deployment of checks

Easy administration

Simple control

The ability to integrate with surrounding systems, including Active Directory, and the portability of a single application solution greatly simplifies its management.

  • One application
  • Connection to AD
  • Easy integration
  • Portable applications
  • No license fees

Instant Monitoring - a simple step to an uninterrupted IT operation.

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Ready-set packages for immediate monitoring

Infrastructure Packages

  • SQL database
  • Windows Server

Back Office Apps Packages

  • MS Exchange
  • Skype for Business
  • MS SharePoint

Business Apps Package

  • D365 Operation/AX
  • D365 Sales/CRM
  • MS BizTalk

If you are interested in a custom-made package, leave us your contact and we will contact you.

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Package prices

1 element

400 Kč/month

10 elements

1500 Kč/month

20 elements

3000 Kč/month

30 elements

4490 Kč/month

40 elements

5990 Kč/month

Monitoring of standard parameters of one common element. An element is a server, VM, network element or application. Instant Monitoring is provided as a service. The price is per month and there are no additional costs for the service.
Prices do not include VAT.

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