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Performance tuning

Maintaining the necessary performance of your IT infrastructure in normal operation and during peak hours (for example during Christmas) is one of the important things that you can leave to us.

The ability to fine-tune performance correctly consists of a combined perfect knowledge of databases and deep experience with ERP systems and their specific behavior. All this must be complemented by a series of hours of practical tuning and closing the dead ends of the solution. These are the main experiences with MS SQL, Dynamics AX and practical implementations.

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Performance Tuning overview

What is performance tuning

Tuning is a discipline that consists of a number of key steps. It is necessary to set mutual expectations in the first place, then our monitoring tools evaluate the system operation and identify weak spots. Based on this information, an analysis and a repair process is performed either in AX settings or SQL, and in the source code itself. This is followed by further testing along with analysis of the data acquired by monitoring.

Tuning process

  • Determination of target parameters
  • Deployment of monitoring and test
  • Analysis of weak spots
  • Tuning and optimization
  • Repeated test and evaluation

Procesní kroky

  Process steps Timing
1 Common setting of goals, processes and critical spots of focus within debugging Day 1
2 Implementing database monitoring, probes and agents on servers Day 2
3 Monitoring process for at least 24 hours and collecting of data Day 3
4 Acquired data analysis Day 4
5 Elaboration of a report and recommendations based on the analysis Day 5
6 Presenting the results to the customer (2-4h) Day 6
7 Agreement on further progress (implementation extent) Day 6
8 Implementing the changes in top 3-5 performance issues (Duration based on complexity and extent of the changes agreed) Day 7 – Day 11
9 Repeated test and evaluation Day 12
Iteration of steps 7 – 9 according to agreement  

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