Modern palletizing with AI: Increase transport efficiency by 20 %

Published: 15. 1. 2024
Solve the problem of palletising atypical pallets. Modern palletizing with AI will save you 20 % in shipping costs.

In the dynamic world of logistics and transport, the efficient use of space in trucks plays a key role in success. One of the main challenges faced by logistics companies is the palletisation of atypical pallets. These pallets often complicate the efficient use of space, resulting in sub-optimised transport and distribution logistics. Fortunately, there is SmartStack - an innovative modular logistics systems solution that offers an effective solution to these challenges.

Artificial intelligence calculates the ideal for you 

SmartStack is a revolutionary system developed by Blue Dynamic s.r.o. that allows logistics teams to calculate the ideal configuration and placement of common and atypical pallets for optimal use of space in trucks. What makes SmartStack so unique is its modular nature. The system consists of an optimization core that can be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each individual customer. This customisation involves analysing the dimensions and weight of the pallets and using advanced algorithms to design the optimal layout in the cargo area.

SmartStack saves you 20 % in shipping costs

This modular solution not only makes more efficient use of space, but also reduces the risk of damage to goods during transport and increases overall loading efficiency. Case studies have shown that using SmartStack can increase loading efficiency by more than 20 %, a significant benefit for logistics operations.

SmartStack is therefore not only an innovation in logistics, but also an example of how modular technology solutions can effectively solve complex problems in the real world. With its help, we can overcome the challenges associated with atypical pallets and take transport and distribution logistics to a new level of efficiency.


  • Accurate calculation and planning of load configuration
  • Controlled car loading process
  • Accurate prediction of required traffic
  • Time efficiency
  • Correct pallet order by destination


Cloud-based SAAS solution integrated into the customer's ecosystem (ERP, WMS), reads shipping orders and calculates the optimal arrangement of products in the vehicles. The solution is interactively presented using warehouse glasses or augmented reality (AR) readers, visualizing the configuration for each item to the warehouse worker.


  • Cloud service
  • Well-planned loading
  • Accurate traffic prediction
  • Perfect integration

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