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it support
16. 1. 2024
6 tips on how to fine-tune IT support and get plus points from clients
IT support is the cornerstone of any business. We have 6 practical tips to help you fine-tune your IT support to perfection.
erp implementation
16. 1. 2024
3 steps of proper ERP implementation
Implementing an ERP system is a challenging process. Don't make the same mistakes as others. What 3 steps are often forgotten? Read on.
15. 1. 2024
Modern palletizing with AI: Increase transport efficiency by 20 %
Solve the problem of palletising atypical pallets. Modern palletizing with AI will save you 20 % in shipping costs.
Microsoft Loop
5. 12. 2023
Microsoft Loop for effective real-time collaboration
Be effective in team collaboration with Microsoft Loop. Don't waste resources and share live data in real time. Let's talk more.
Store Commerce
3. 11. 2023
Store Commerce: flexible and efficient sales and warehouse management
Store Commerce , an application within MS D365 Commerce, facilitates the management of cashiering, warehouse operations, payments and customer service.
BI tools
2. 11. 2023
What are BI tools?
What are the most popular BI tools? There are a number of business intelligence tools that allow you to collect, analyse and visualise data to improve decision-making and optimise performance. At Blue Dynamic, we have selected the most popular BI tools. Let's take a look at them.
azure data lake
1. 11. 2023
Azure Data Lake for efficient financial data processing
Manage financial data from multiple sources under one roof. This time, we'll focus on the unique cloud service Azure Data Lake.
Microsoft Power BI
1. 11. 2023
Get real-time control - 6 reasons for Microsoft Power BI
Get key data about your business and analyse it. Microsoft Power BI innovative platform for business intelligence and data visualization.
logistics for the 21st century
10. 10. 2023
Logistics for the 21st century - Artificial intelligence and augmented reality play a role
Logistics for the 21st century with SmartStack - streamlining work with augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
smartstack system
13. 9. 2023
SmartStack: the future of efficient pallet management for retail giants
SmartStack addresses the challenges associated with small-scale assortment in retail, enabling accurate palletisation, reducing transport costs and promoting sustainability through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which is key for retail.
cost optimisation in retail
13. 9. 2023
SmartStack: revolutionising retail through predictive cost optimisation solutions
In a dynamic retail environment where efficient logistics is the key to success, SmartStack is becoming a revolutionary tool. This innovative system enables the precise and cost-effective arrangement of pallets with a variety of products, reducing wasted space and transport costs.
pallet wrapping system
13. 9. 2023
Revolution in logistics: the future of pallet packaging systems
In the dynamic logistics industry, effective solutions are constantly being sought for logistics managers facing transportation challenges. The new pallet wrapping system responds to the future by allowing goods of different shapes to be palletised, delivering predictive packaging and precision never before seen in the logistics industry. The solution also brings environmental benefits, minimises carbon footprint and helps logistics managers maintain a competitive advantage.
optimization of e-shop logistics
13. 9. 2023
Bridging the automation gap: how SmartStack optimizes e-commerce logistics
In the digital age, e-commerce platforms are experiencing unprecedented growth, but despite increasing automation, loading goods onto pallets remains problematic. SmartStack comes as a revolutionary solution that uses advanced algorithms to optimally arrange packages on a pallet, increasing the predictability of the logistics chain, reducing shipping costs and contributing to more sustainable e-commerce operations.
transport logistics
6. 9. 2023
AI in logistics helps you save space on pallets and in cars
Transport logistics with SmartStack - we help you save space on pallets and in cars.
ransomware play
24. 8. 2023
Baptism by fire: the Play ransomware made us "party" for three days and two nights
Blue Dynamic client data has been the target of a cyber attack. Ransomware Play made us party for three days and two nights. What did we learn? We demonstrated our strength and resilience during our encounter with the cyberattack. This challenging experience not only made us stronger but also prepared us for future challenges. We are here for our clients, stronger than ever, and with a deeper knowledge of cyber threat protection.
Microsoft 365 copilot
15. 8. 2023
Microsoft 365 Copilot: quality, tailored content at your fingertips
Leave behind boring document writing and routine tasks. With Microsoft 365 Copilot, immerse yourself in creative, bespoke content creation. With artificial intelligence and corporate data, you'll have a partner to accelerate your work. With Copilot, you get time and quality content for your business.
two-step verification
4. 8. 2023
Azure Active Directory multi-factor authentication keeps your business data safe!
With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, we need to be concerned about cyber security, which is essential to protect our data and assets. Security starts with the individual - every user should have a strong and unique password and use multi-factor authentication. Don't forget that your company's security also depends on your employees - start with them.
migration to the cloud
1. 8. 2023
Doing business in the cloud era - or migration to the cloud from a CIO perspective
Migrating to the cloud is an inevitable challenge for organizations today. Key aspects include seamless operations, cost optimization and improved security. The results? Lower costs, greater flexibility and increased competitiveness.
Integration Platform
1. 8. 2023
Microsoft Azure is the number one integration platform
Microsoft Azure is the number one integration platform, validated by its top ranking in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS. Azure Integration Services offers a comprehensive solution that connects different applications and provides a great user experience. With support for professional and lay developers, broad technology integration and low cost, it is the ideal choice for your business's digital transformation.
application modernisation
19. 6. 2023
Modernising applications with AI: Transforming business into the digital era
In the digital era, application modernisation is essential for competitiveness and business growth. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising solutions, accelerating business growth and is an essential part of modern business. This article focuses on the key benefits and opportunities of modernizing applications with AI.
Microsoft applications and tools
30. 5. 2023
Microsoft Apps & Tools - Improve your business with a sophisticated ecosystem
Comprehensive modular industry solutions from a strong manufacturer support your development and growth. Microsoft's renowned solutions offer a wide range of functionalities designed to meet the needs of specific business types, which together with surrounding applications create a homogeneous ecosystem and platform for efficient operations and rapid business growth.
Azure Virtual Desktop
18. 5. 2023
Azure Virtual Desktop: the modern solution for desktop and application virtualization
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is an innovative service that enables organisations to replace traditional Remote Desktop Services and delivers a number of benefits including scalability, ease of management and cost savings. Read this article - learn why you should consider moving to Azure Virtual Desktop
digitisation of business
14. 5. 2023
Digitizing Business: 5 Steps to Success in the Era of Digital Transformation, Part 5.
The digitalisation of business has become an integral part of modern business. It is a process that enables companies to use digital technologies to improve their processes, products and services to better compete in the marketplace and meet customer needs.
21st century logistics
13. 5. 2023
Palletization for 21st century e-shops
21st century logistics - SmartStack optimizes the palletization process for e-shops and effectively solves the problem of unstable and incompletely filled pallets.
digitalization of the company
13. 5. 2023
Digitizing the Enterprise or Using the Microsoft Ecosystem in the Digital Transformation of the Enterprise, Part 4.
Today, digital transformation is key to the success of companies in various industries. Microsoft offers solutions for this transformation, such as cloud platforms, enterprise applications and the Internet of Things. These products help businesses improve their processes and move forward.
Enterprise digitisation strategy
12. 5. 2023
Enterprise digitalization strategy: how to choose the right one?, part 3.
One of the major themes in business today is the struggle of companies to adapt to the new digital era and take advantage of the benefits it brings. In this context, it is crucial to choose the right digitalisation strategy. There are two main approaches to digitalisation - all-in-one and best-of-breed - each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
the benefits of digital transformation
11. 5. 2023
Benefits of Digital Business Transformation, Part 2.
Digital transformation presents businesses with major opportunities such as increased productivity, improved competitiveness and customer experience, not least the opportunity to reduce costs. Businesses should prepare for these changes and take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation brings.
What is Digital Transformation?, Part 1.
Digital transformation is a comprehensive investment in the future of the company. It is the process by which organisations adapt their activities using digital technologies and innovative digital tools to improve their performance and achieve better results. Over the past few years, digital transformation has become a key factor for companies to become successful.
Application integration
9. 5. 2023
Application integration: the path to greater efficiency for your business
Application integration is crucial for companies to respond efficiently and flexibly to rapidly changing market conditions. Without it, applications may not communicate with each other and cause errors. Company departments can also have trouble collaborating and waste time by repeatedly processing the same tasks.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
26. 4. 2023
7 benefits that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service save you money
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service will save time for you, your management, dispatchers, field service personnel and your clients. How? Read on.
transport logistics
20. 4. 2023
Overlapping pallet transport - save space and money with SmartStack
Transport logistics with SmartStack tells you how to efficiently stack pallets with overlap into the truck, which is key to logistics efficiency for e-shops.
artificial intelligence in logistics
19. 4. 2023
How Artificial Intelligence in Logistics is Changing Warehouse and Supply Chain Operations
By using artificial intelligence and other modern technologies, it is possible to achieve significant cost savings while improving the quality of customer service.
Warehouse SmartStack
21. 3. 2023
Warehouse SmartStack - How to save up to 20 % in freight costs?
Looking for cost-saving options and don't know where to start? How about we tell you that we can help you save up to 20 % in freight costs? With our Warehouse SmartStack solution using artificial intelligence and cloud storage, we'll make it happen.
logistics system
16. 3. 2023
SmartStack Logistics System: innovations in palletisation
We have developed the SmartStack logistics system to meet specific needs in logistics, especially in the area of palletizing non-standard goods.
software for project management
15. 7. 2022
Project Management Software - MS Project
The key to the successful completion of any project is teamwork backed by quality leadership. In a flood of deadlines, meetings, obstacles and deadlines, the key is perfect organization. Fortunately, we have effective tools to achieve this.
Microsoft Gold Partner
24. 3. 2022
Covid notwithstanding.
In March 2020, the covid-19 pandemic began not only in our country, but it has fundamentally changed the way we operate. And so the month of March has become a new important milestone. What was 2021 like for Blue Dynamic? And what are our goals for the year ahead? Read on to find out.
eMotion Counter app
22. 10. 2021
The eMotion Counter app: a powerful tool on thin ice
The eMotion Counter is an AI-based application that, when connected to a camera system, performs real-time gender recognition, age estimation, mood identification and emotion monitoring of visitors to the establishment. But what is the purpose of such data? And how is the possible misuse of the collected data treated?
trends in logistics
10. 9. 2021
Trends in Logistics - Revolution in the processes of freight forwarding companies
More than ever before, we are now used to doing most things online, such as shopping. However, in order for shipping companies to be able to cover the increase in the volume of services provided without losing quality, they needed to adapt to the new situation and make changes in their internal processes.
hybrid infrastructure
9. 7. 2021
Hybrid infrastructure
There is no doubt that cloud hybrid infrastructure will dominate in the future. What are its advantages and disadvantages? And how can Blue Dynamic help you?
end of microsoft dynamics ax support
3. 5. 2021
Termination of Microsoft Dynamics AX support
On April 12, 2022, Microsoft will discontinue support for all versions of Dynamics AX ERP solutions. At the same time, it comes with the revolutionary D365 Migration Program.
How artificial intelligence is helping in the age of the coronavirus
10. 6. 2020
Artificial Intelligence with eMotion Counter in the age of coronavirus
How can you ensure that employees or customers follow the prescribed spacing and actually wear the prescribed drapes in the shop or on the premises? That's where artificial intelligence helps.
Microsoft Teams
20. 5. 2020
How to implement Microsoft Teams in your company
Not only companies, but also schools and offices have been switching to Teams in the last two months due to the need to work remotely. The application is so simple and intuitive that even first grade students can handle video calls.
Microsoft Teams guide
20. 5. 2020
Microsoft Teams guide to working from home
Nowadays, the work of our teams is moving online. Microsoft Teams are a great help. They offer many features that we can use in the home office of our employees.
tools for working from home
20. 5. 2020
Tools for working from home
From one day to the next, most of us find ourselves in a situation where we can't work together, share information face-to-face, or simply share news in the office corridor. It's just that we need to keep working efficiently, not give up, and keep working. And not just so we don't go crazy now.
ms dynamics 365
20. 5. 2020
Start your business with MS Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications.
what is artificial intelligence
20. 5. 2020
What is artificial intelligence?
Do you know what artificial intelligence is? Not only this question was answered by the founder of Blue Dynamics Karel Pecl.
20. 5. 2020
Smile, please. How retailers are using artificial intelligence to track customer emotions.
Are you angry because you wait too long in line at the store? Or is the receptionist at the client's desk scowling at you again? Soon enough, you may not have to complain to anyone to make things right.
ERP systems in retail
20. 5. 2020
ERP systems in retail - It is important not to sweat the differences of the client
Today's dynamic times require efficient handling of goods. Hence the specific requirements of retail companies for ERP systems.
20. 5. 2020
What bothers people the most when shopping in stores?
Read the survey with commentary on about what bothers customers most when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.
Article on artificial intelligence in Hospodářské noviny
In the Hospodářské noviny supplement you will find an article with a survey on artificial intelligence, where Karel Pecl had the opportunity to contribute his views and knowledge.
picking of goods
20. 5. 2020
The 8 most effective methods of picking goods
Picking or picking is generally defined by (a) the number of pickers, (b) the number of stock aisles, (c) the frequency with which orders are scheduled. How to make it more efficient?
machine learning system
20. 5. 2020
Machine Learning system enters shopping malls
Machine learning can monitor customers in stores. The system can detect the gender, approximate age and emotions of customers. It will provide data for marketing.
20. 5. 2020
Fast ERP implementation
According to a 2013 Panorama Consulting Solutions study, it takes an average of 18 months to implement an ERP system. How does a quick implementation work?
dynamics 365 components
20. 5. 2020
10 Key Dynamics 365 Components
A sample of 10 key Dynamics 365 components for your business. Do you know them all? Do you know what Omnichannel is?
20. 5. 2020
The CFO's three biggest woes and the tools to solve them
In today's article, we have prepared an overview of situations that are most often a source of distress for CFOs of medium and large companies.
20. 5. 2020
How to use EET in AX? We have a solution!
We are ready for EET! We have created a universal solution that allows you to issue a document with mandatory data in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can test it for free.
20. 5. 2020
Fine-tune AX performance in 9 steps - with the Performance Tuning Pack
Maintaining the necessary performance of Microsoft Dynamics AX in normal operation and especially during peak times (e.g. during Christmas) is a serious issue. How to tune up your corporate AX?
20. 5. 2020
The 5 key ingredients for well-functioning IT support
The best IT that takes care of traffic is one that is invisible. How to make normal IT "invisible"? We have 5 essential ingredients.
20. 5. 2020
Breakthrough in service planning and management in Dynamics CRM
The aim of this article is to present this solution as an interesting option and extension of your CRM. In this article I will not go into too much detail, the goal is not to describe everything the solution can do, but the main ideas and elements that the solution contains.
20. 5. 2020
EET and Dynamics AX
The new EET Act obliges some companies to introduce EET. This article is for those who are affected by this obligation and who use Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta).
20. 5. 2020
3 steps to improve the performance of your WMS warehouse in MS Dynamics AX
The high flexibility of Dynamics AX requires a certain discipline and adherence to certain rules, otherwise it is a burden and translates form slow warehouse processes.
20. 5. 2020
Business process reporting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The subject of this article is to show examples of using reporting built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support sales, planning and evaluation of the business process.
20. 5. 2020
How to get a good night's sleep with batch jobs in AX 2012
Perhaps every ERP implementation brings with it the need to plan and execute operations in batch mode. An example is the regular booking of goods
20. 5. 2020
Can ERP software complicate your international business?
ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX and its adaptation to international business. See what mistakes can occur and how to counter them.
20. 5. 2020
How to easily adapt Dynamics AX to your needs
ERP system Dynamics AX, is easily customizable for your needs! Blue Dynamic, s. r.o. will show you how to do it!
20. 5. 2020
How satisfied are companies with their ERP systems?
Are companies satisfied with their ERP system? Has it met their expectations? Take a look at the results of a survey among company directors.
IT support
20. 5. 2020
6 tips to elevate your business IT support
Each customer expects and requires a different level of information. It is necessary to estimate the customer correctly and to communicate with him sufficiently and constantly.
ax finance
20. 5. 2020
5 new features in AX 2012 for Finance
Find out what's new for finance in Dynamic AX 2012. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a big step forward in this regard
dynamics ax development
20. 5. 2020
6 tips for deploying new developments in Dynamics AX
Are you planning a new Dynamics AX development? Stick to the 6 rules for deployment and you won't make a mistake!
Dynamics AX upgrade
20. 5. 2020
How to succeed with Dynamics AX upgrades
Each new version of Dynamics AX includes a number of attractive features that you may be deprived of due to concerns about the complexity of the upgrade process.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo
20. 5. 2020
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution for building long-term relationships with customers.
Microsoft Dynamics AX logo
20. 5. 2020
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX is a flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that simplifies and standardizes implementation processes.
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