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Infrastructure projects

We will ensure the flawless and uninterrupted operation of your IT infrastructure. You will not be disturbed from business and nothing will slow down the productivity of your users.

For our customers we manage a complete network and hardware infrastructure. We take care of applications, virtualization, services, servers, networks, security and hardware. We also take care of on-premise and cloud environments, such as Azure, AWS, Geetoo and others. We are flexible. It is up to you whether you let us take care of your complete IT management or only a part of it.

As our customer, you will get a complete overview of the infrastructure status. Not only do we solve problems, but with our tools we can prevent them.

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Main properties

All IT competencies under one roof and on one telephone number.

All IT competencies under one roof and on one telephone number.

We are dynamic and we adapt to your needs.

We quickly adapt new technologies and look for suitable solutions for our customers.

Blue Dynamic manages dozens of ERP implementations. We know how to run the infrastructure continuously and flawlessly.

How do we proceed?

  1. How do we proceed?

  2. We will help you choose the ideal starting project. In a meeting, we will clarify expectations and exact needs and suggest at least two possible solutions.

  3. For a well-executed implementation, we need to understand how your business works. Therefore, before the project, we will prepare an analysis that will allow us to get to know your customer environment. After that we will deliver the first project.

  4. After completing the pilot project, provided that you’re interested, we will deploy the monitoring tool. With 100 virtual servers, we can deploy it within 5 days. It includes 150 basic indicators and as the only one on the market, we can set up a Monitoring tool for any application. This tool can detect all problems in time and we deliver it with our service free of charge.

  5. Subsequently, according to your needs we can take over the management of the entire server and network infrastructure.

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