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Microsoft Dynamics 365

A comprehensive solution for your business.

Make only the right business decisions with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 – ERP

A robust modular ERP and CRM solution for your company, a wide range of applications and functionalities create a homogeneous ecosystem.

Automation and integration of your company's key activities will increase efficiency and ensure success.

From accepting orders, through planning operations, to managing inventory records, financial data and human resources.

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Dynamics 365 ERP Platforma

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - a system that grows with your business!


Unify your data, get accurate information and achieve better results.


Make smart decisions, react faster and run your business successfully.


Choose a prepared industry solution and use it to the maximum for faster development.

The family of business applications covers all the needs of your company.

Dynamics 365 zarizeni

It brings a deeper knowledge of the customers and allows you to take better care of them.

It enables an increase in the efficiency of the company's operation thanks to the unification and automation of processes.

It brings business development and higher profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Centralized and unified financial management
Support for national legislation
Automation of financial processes
Flexibility of setting and change implementation
Detailed reporting and analytics
User friendliness and simplicity

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Supply Chain

Support for omnichannel processes
Intelligent management and optimization of inventory
Automation of purchase and logistic processes
Background information for making real-time decisions
Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
Intuitiveness and ease of use

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Centralized information in one application
Optimized supply chain
Interconnection of business operations
Connection of all work teams
Connection of offline and online channels
Scalable solution

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Human Resources

Centralization of employee data
Optimization of HR processes
Automation of financial processes
Simplification of reporting
Connection of employees and teams
Flexible definition of corporate benefits

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Benefits of ERP Dynamics 365

Always one step ahead of the competition with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Competitive advantage
Increased efficiency of processes
Intensified department cooperation
Flexible and scalable solution
Cost saving
Accurate and integrated information
Process simplification
Increased user productivity
Adaptable and flexible system
Customer care support
Data accuracy and reliability
Ability to plan more accurately

Give your business what it needs

Make better decisions

Improve your business results with experience and data-based recommendations

Build relationships with customer

A comprehensive view of customers will help you develop a more meaningful cooperation

Work more efficiently

Automate and optimize everyday tasks with a workflow built on artificial intelligence

Selected references

On Blue Dynamics, we highly value their implementation of our project in a record time. Also we were surprised by the swiftness, stability and extent of the whole ERP system. Our cooperation was also positively affected by the human approach of Blue Dynamics employees.

Ing. Pavel Čmelík, executive director Inexad, Hamleys

We decided for Blue Dynamic due to their 24/7 constant support and their team experience. Thanks to Blue Dynamic products quality we achieved reduction of costs on ICT while improving ICT processes in the company.

Nicola Campio, CFO, Darty Italy

We were looking for a company which will treat us as a key customer, a partner with whom we can discuss our needs and find solutions to our needs. Our cooperation to this day proves that Blue Dynamic was the right choice.

Aleš Snížek, IT Project Manager, Euro-Center Holding SE

We were looking for a partner who has verified experience with roll-outs in Central and Eastern Europe, and will help us guarantee the compliance of legislative obligations. We found a partner who knew exactly what needed to be done and had an effective solution to all our requirements and needs. At the same time, he was able to negotiate with our current supplier better than us. Results of the cooperation prove that Blue Dynamic was a great choice.

Robin Hickson, Manager of Global ERP Systems and Integration, Back & Pollitzer

We chose Blue Dynamic to help us with the implementation of Dynamics AX in our new business unit in Czech Republic. From the first day, the whole team managed to professionally complete our requirements, and always provided a quick solution for our requirements and problems. After almost five months of cooperation, we are sure we made the right decision!

Ivan Fernandez, IT Manager Assa Abloy

In year 2013 our cooperation with Blue Dynamic started with a rather small scope of technical IT. Nowadays Blue Dynamic is our strategic outsourcing partner, supporting our entire infrastructure and applications in a 24/7 regime.

Jan Bloemendaal, Chief Information Officer, BCC elektrospeciaalzaken B.V

Implementatiton of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Positive results thanks to good quality project management

Dynamics 365 ImplementationImplementation of Dynamics 365 in PDF

Blue Dynamic, your partner in IT

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Blue Dynamic, your partner in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We supply our customers with specialized IT solutions. We are a partner you can rely on.

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Individual components of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Purity of financial data, process automation and higher profitability of your company.
Dynamics 365 Finance

Automate and modernize your international financial operations with Dynamics 365 Finance. Monitor performance in real time, plan and make decisions based on trustworthy data to support the company's development.

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance:

Make strategic financial decisions with the help of AI

Ensure a healthy operation of your business, improve financial control, optimize cash flow and make strategic decisions faster. Achieve business growth with unified financial management, up-to-date data and integrated analysis.

Speed up closing times and easily manage international finances with sophisticated reporting, financial reporting and integrated real-time analytics. Use the advantage of a solution which not only supports multiple legal entities and currencies in one system, but also shortens monthly closing processes.

Increase profits and improve cash flow with recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

Unify and automate your financial processes

Enable your users to make the correct and fast decision by visualizing key business metrics and transactions. Automate and prioritize tasks and reduce their error rate and duration. Use integrated Office 365 applications for your work.

Do more with Personal Workspace, Office 365 integration, and task automation. Use Office 365 templates to easily customize business documents acording to changing requirements.

Use the advantages of the license subscription system and its financial flexibility.

Reduce operating costs

Automate financial processes, budget control, financial planning and analysis.

Run your business more efficiently across countries.

Simplify financial and risk management

Thanks to the flexible solution, you can easily and quickly adapt to changing financial requirements as well as the state demands and its regulatory regulations.

Fulfill local and global business requirements, improve management, reduce risks, and ensure flawless financial management across 37 countries and 42 languages. Expand your finances with ready-made partner solutions to suit your local needs.

Dynamics 365 finance
Fast closure, easy international finances management, financial reports and integrated real-time analytics. Unified automated financial processes will simplify the management of your company's finances and risks.

Why use Dynamics 365 Finance


Centralized and unified financial management.


Support of local legislation, international finances.


Automation of financial processes.


Automation of financial processes.


Detailed reporting and analytics.


Detailed reporting and analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Streamline production and logistics business processes
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Transform your manufacturing and supply chain with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. Use elements of artificial intelligence across planning, production, storage and transportation to maximize operational efficiency and profitability.

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain:

Upgrade with intelligent production operations

With the help of artificial intelligence, create a more efficient production and simplify its management. Optimize your processes, equipment utilization and employee commitment. Simplify the management of your resources - from the workforce to machines and tools.

Create the most suitable production processes and solve all your needs with one system. Plan production in real time - shorten delivery times. Speed up product delivery by automating the flow of information and materials.

Optimize operation performance

Make proactive decisions in real time based on your current production and inventory. Manage workshop and equipment operations on a planned basis to improve work capability, output, and production quality.

With the help of AI, machine learning and mixed reality, you can anticipate and actively solve problems and achieve efficiency of your assets, processes and workforce. Predictive maintenance prevents costly downtime of important tools.

Upgrade warehouse management

Get a complete overview of stock operations and stock items. Manage and organize your warehouse and the movement of merchandise efficiently and in real time.

Automate warehouse management and optimize its use - from simple warehouses to distribution centers, by using the machine learning function to achieve higher warehouse efficiency. Track information about the performance of your warehouse online using advanced analytics, which provide an overview of stock items from receipt to expedition.

Simplify the implementation of your daily tasks.

Automate and streamline your supply chain

Get a comprehensive overview of the delivery process across locations and time zones. Use the connection of information on sales and purchases with logistics, production, warehouse and transport.

Simplify your ordering and contract management processes. Manage the delivery process and relationships with suppliers better. Optimize capacity and reduce your costs by connecting logistics across sites, webs, and warehouses.

Dynamics 365 zarizeni
One system plans production, shortens delivery times, speeds up product deliveries and automates the flow of information. You work with real time information on production and stock levels.

Proč používat Dynamics 365 Supply Chain


Support of omnichannel processes.


Intelligent invertory optimization and management.


Automation of purchase and logistics processes.


Real-time information background for making decisions.


Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Intuitiveness and ease of use.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Create a unique shopping experiences.
Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce brings a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies the processes of back-office, stores, call centers and e-shops. It allows you to build customer loyalty, increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline supply chains.

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce:

Build brand loyalty

Provide customers with a unique shopping experience by connecting an e-shop, stores and back offices in a single solution. Exceed customer expectations and offer exclusive services with a personalized source of products and services.

Offer your customers a comfortable shopping experience - allow them to pick up goods at any branch or wait for it at home. Act as one company, whether the customer contacts you via the internet, call center or visits your store.

Build loyalty and manage loyalty programs, wish lists, gift cards and promotional coupons across all channels.

Simplify the store operation

Easily manage employees, merchandise, finances and reports in one application. Make it easier for users to work with the system with an interface tailored to their role.

Speed up activities with automated and optimized workflows. Enable employees to make quick decisions with available online data.

Improve cooperation between departments by connecting all employees and their activities.

Plan and sell strategically

Maximize profitability by offering the right products at the right time and the right price. Centrally monitor information about products, assortment and prices.

Simplify supplying, choose the right supplier and get the best prices. Monitor product demand in real time to efficiently supply your stores and warehouses.

Create effective sales promotions using all sales channels. Use sales and cost information to implement marketing campaigns.

Optimize your supply chain

With advanced analysis and machine learning, you can make better decisions about supplying your stores and central warehouses as well as reducing logistics costs.

Improve inventory management with real-time data. With up-to-date information, you can accurately predict demand to maximize sales and profitability.

Anticipate customer demand and increase product availability with information based on past purchases and sales data.

Create an intelligent omni-channel

By connecting online and offline channels, allow customers to shop anytime, anywhere and from any device. Offer a selection of modern payment methods, gather information for product delivery and simplify cloud operations.

Gain a comprehensive view of your customer and enable your employees to develop lasting relationships through intelligent recommendations, knowledge and loyalty programs.

Use a scalable, reliable, secure solution for your business activities. Deploying a configurable and extensible platform through staged delivery simplifies the implementation process.

Run an online store

Streamline your business with a comprehensive business solution that adapts your needs to both traditional and emerging channels.

Web development tools allow you to create engaging and smart digital stores. The connected marketing and sales platform will enable seamless management of content, assets, promotion events, merchandise and pricing across channels.

Dynamics 365 Commerce
Easily manage employees, goods, finances and reports in one application. Automating and optimizing workflows will increase revenue and reduce costs.

Why use Dynamics 365 Commerce


Connected omnichannel solution.


Configurable platform.


Inventory optimization.


Effective support for online and offline sales.


Building of the brand and customer loyalty


Sophisticated supply chain.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

When your employees are successful, your business is successful.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources simplifies many routine tasks and automates many personnel-related processes. These processes include employee preservation, benefits management, training, performance management, and team change management.

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

Transform your employees' experience

Take care of employee profiles that include career achievements, skills, certifications and interests.

Enable employees to self-service their profiles, training information, fulfill their KPIs. Give managers access to team performance data.

Let employees grow with training plans and certifications. Watch your team change and evolve.

Optimize your HR processes

Simplify vacation and absence reporting. Easily manage benefits using a flexible, configurable, self-service tools.

Automatically send payslips, tax documents and all other documents required by the authorities.

With the help of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, find and reach the most suitable candidates.

Increase the efficiency of the organization

Simplify the processes within the organization with a precise organizational structure, hierarchy, and job descriptions.

Increase productivity and efficiency by automating processes, workflows and task management. Ensure the protection and compliance of personal data.

Customize your solution with an intuitive and customizable interface that lets you add or hide fields, change layouts, and share them with others.

Manage information about you employees

Improve your workforce development with Microsoft Power BI which helps you collect, analyze, and visualize all of your human resource data.

Make confident decisions with the help of integrated analytics which track and analyze HR information.

Ensure employee collaboration through statistics and surveys.

Dynamcis 365 Human resources
Develop your company with the help of artificial intelligence, analyze and visualize all your company's human resources data. Make work easier for yourself and your employees, connect employees and work teams.

Why use Dynamics 365 Human Resources


Centralization and access to employee data.


Connection between employees and teams.


Flexible definition of employee benefits.


Simplification of HR processes.


Sharing of human resources information.


Reinsurance of legislative requirements.

Blue Dynamic, your partner in IT

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