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Dynamics 365


Where the traditional solution ends.

Dynamics 365 ERP – solution by the Microsoft company offers a wide range of functionalities designed for the needs of specific business, together with the surrounding applications it creates a homogeneous ecosystem and a platform for efficient operation and fast business development.


  • Better knowledge of the customer
  • Unification and automation of processes
  • Business development, profitability.
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Solution for retail

Create a unique shopping experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce brings a complex omnichannel solution that unifies the processes of back-office, stores, call centers and e-shops. It will allow you to build customer loyalty, increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline supply chains.


  • Fully interconnected omnichannel solution
  • Warehouse planning and optimization
  • Building customer loyalty


Fast and efficient deployment.

Simplification of the Dynamics 365 roll-outs implementation to other countries thanks to cooperation with a local experienced partner who knows the local specifics and has ready-made solutions prepared. Local knowledge and ready-made solutions covering legislative requirements.


  • Ready-made local solutions
  • Worldwide network of partners
  • Deep knowledge of specifics


Turn relationships into profits.

Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to build strong relationships with customers and improve your sales. Using Sales, you control your business process from the order, through your own sales to creating marketing campaigns.


  • Effective communication with customers
  • Increment of sales volume
  • Faster order retrieval

Managed services

IT Support

IT Support ensures maximum availability and fast response of information systems. The goal is to have continuous and uninterrupted operation of business processes together with increasing user productivity.

Main goals:

  • Minimizing system outages
  • Qualified support 24x7
  • Nonstop service desk

Performance Tuning

The maximum and trouble-free performance of the IT infrastructure must be maintained, not only in normal operation, but also during peak hours (Christmas). Thanks to our experience with dozens of operations, you can fully rely on us.

Main goals:

  • System tuning
  • Preparing systems for work load
  • Uninterruptible operation

Instant Monitoring

We constantly monitor the systems we are in charge of. We can predict changes and react in time. Thanks to this, we maintain the company's infrastructure with maximum performance, reliability, security, and modernity.

Main goals:

  • Non-stop monitoring service
  • Smooth operation of infrastructure
  • Development of information systems

Infrastructure projects

Focused on development and growth: for our customers,we manage applications as well as network and hardware infrastructure. We take care of applications, virtualization, services, servers, networks, security, hardware: on-premise and cloud.

Our strengths:

  • We handle diverse environments
  • We adapt new technologies
  • Plenty of programmers

eMotion Counter

Footfall Counter

Customer counting, including accurate counting of unique entries, their definite identification and exact classification and categorization of visitors. Due to this, it is possible to obtain more accurate data on customer behavior, their habits and preferences.

Main goal:

  • Accurate customer counting
  • Demographic data
  • Customer behavior

Customer Bahavior

A way to get to know your customers by separating them into groups depending on their behavior and habits. A possibility to broadcast an advertisement according to the targeted watching group. Customer behavior and occupancy of individual, user-defined areas - zones.

Main goal:

  • Measuring customer behavior
  • Targeted advertising
  • Measurements in zones

Performance Management

Accurate KPI measurement determining the workplaces' and employees' work performance and quality. Online notifications allowing to respond to the situation. Monitoring of the service your customers receive and their experience with interacting with your employees. Queue managing tool.

Main goal:

  • Managing store performance
  • Managing employee performance
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Security Management

Managing security through zones, rules of access to the zones and managing lists of people that include black lists. A solution providing assistance with the application of protection precautions during the COVID pandemic regime.

Main goal:

  • Managing security
  • Managing black list
  • Supporting COVID precautions

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Selected references

On Blue Dynamics, we highly value their implementation of our project in a record time. Also we were surprised by the swiftness, stability and extent of the whole ERP system. Our cooperation was also positively affected by the human approach of Blue Dynamics employees.

Ing. Pavel Čmelík, executive director Inexad, Hamleys

We decided for Blue Dynamic due to their 24/7 constant support and their team experience. Thanks to Blue Dynamic products quality we achieved reduction of costs on ICT while improving ICT processes in the company.

Nicola Campio, CFO, Darty Italy

We were looking for a company which will treat us as a key customer, a partner with whom we can discuss our needs and find solutions to our needs. Our cooperation to this day proves that Blue Dynamic was the right choice.

Aleš Snížek, IT Project Manager, Euro-Center Holding SE

We were looking for a partner who has verified experience with roll-outs in Central and Eastern Europe, and will help us guarantee the compliance of legislative obligations. We found a partner who knew exactly what needed to be done and had an effective solution to all our requirements and needs. At the same time, he was able to negotiate with our current supplier better than us. Results of the cooperation prove that Blue Dynamic was a great choice.

Robin Hickson, Manager of Global ERP Systems and Integration, Back & Pollitzer

We chose Blue Dynamic to help us with the implementation of Dynamics AX in our new business unit in Czech Republic. From the first day, the whole team managed to professionally complete our requirements, and always provided a quick solution for our requirements and problems. After almost five months of cooperation, we are sure we made the right decision!

Ivan Fernandez, IT Manager Assa Abloy

In year 2013 our cooperation with Blue Dynamic started with a rather small scope of technical IT. Nowadays Blue Dynamic is our strategic outsourcing partner, supporting our entire infrastructure and applications in a 24/7 regime.

Jan Bloemendaal, Chief Information Officer, BCC elektrospeciaalzaken B.V

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